Eventide Oyster Co: A tail of brown butter, lobster,oysters and char.

While not a native,I have been living in Maine approximately 20 years give or take. I am here to say that the lobster roll at Eventide Oyster Co. is hands down the most amazing, simple, rich, version of this Maine sandwich I have ever tried!No description can really do it justice, but for me it’s starts with the wonderful bun. More an oversized Japanese sticky bun than a traditional lobster roll. Slightly sweet and sticky, this tender this bun immediately tells you that this isn’t your grandma’s lobster roll. The lobster itself is just out of the sea fresh, sautéed in a beautiful brown butter. Putting these delightful ingredients together this way brings this dish to a never before dreamed of level!

The lobster roll would be enough to put this restaurant on the national map but this restaurant goes well beyond lobster to create a what I can best categorize as American sushi. A good example of this was the Arctic char with golden beets we sampled. Gorgeous and so full of beautiful ocean flavor as to be almost unrecognizable from traditional bland char.

Of course we had to have a selection of the fine locally harvested oysters while we were there. All were brilliantly fresh and bursting with flavor as expected. What was exceptionally nice was the experience of being able to taste the differences between the oysters.

Not bad for a weekday lunch!

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