Timber-It’s where I go to eat meat!

Timber Steakhouse & Rotisserie is the place to go in Portland if you like to eat meat. Feel like a steak, on our first visit my wife and I shared a 24 Oz dry aged ribeye that was fantastic. Bigger than my head yet so tender and flavorful. We left in a meat haze and still had left-overs!

On our latest visit we were drawn in by their new Wednesday and Sunday nigh offering of prime rib. Seeing this once ubiquitous cut of meat on Timber’s menu made me very happy as it had become virtually extinct in the area. Oh so tender and so, so meaty! At $29 it is not inexpensive but this huge slab of meat served with super-creamy mashed potatoes and tarragon sliced carrots, represents the best of Americana and should not be missed.
They also have a huge whisky selection.
Dry aged Ribeye

As American as apple pie

As American as apple pie

Timber Old Fashion

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