Little Bigs!!!!

If home is where the heart is, then little Bigs must be my home away from home. I just love them that much! Their donut creations are just so amazing! I can best describe their raised donuts as Crispy fried joy with a pillowy core. Absolutely life affirming bites of happiness!

But wait there’s more! First time visitors please note that their pasties are equally amazing! Golden hand-formed crusts of a dizzying variety, filled with such beautiful things as “real” Texas chili, Thai chicken bursting with flavor and my favorite cheeseburger with tomato jam!!

For those in the know, crossing the bridge in to South Portland means a mandatory stop at this hidden gem!Pictured Below: Pb&J, Glazed Cininmon swirl Stick, Bismarck, Dark chocolate Ganache Raised, Cheeseburger, Texas Chili.




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