Harvest on the Stage

Kicking off the week of Harvest on the Harbor was an amazing evening of food and wine pairings by some of Maine’s top chefs. With 7 courses it was too much to go over each dish, but some of the standouts were: Cara Stadler of Bao Bao Dumpling House‘s beef tartar was filled with Asian inspired flavors, the foie torchon from Lee Harding Smith’s Oyster Room was my favorite savory dish of the night, David Turin of Opus Ten‘s margret duck and chicken boudin renewed my faith in humanity, and Shanon Bard of Zapoteca’s‘s chile dusted venison was oh so tasty. These dishes plus the others, combined with wonderful wine pairings by Erica Archer’s Wine Wise Events made me Happy, Happy! So many great flavors and textures! Topping it all of was the most deliciously unique desert by Ilma Lopez of Picolo. Her incorporation of root vegetables into desert lead to a beautiful mouth-watering finish! A special thank you to the folks at Coffee By Design for generously matching all funds raised to support The Good Shepard Food Bank.






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