10 Relentlessly Delicious Courses!

Last night was one of the most epic dinners to have been served at Flanagan’s Table, Maine’s premier wedding destination and hidden pop-up dining paradise. This particular bit of gastronomic excess was helmed by Maine’s own King of Yum, Jason Loring of Nosh and Slab , with help from a couple of Maine’s rising kitchen stars Thomas Pisha Duffly, and Cyle Reynolds.

Course after course seemed to effortlessly flow from the kitchen. What emerged were re-imagined renditions of Nosh classics: ham and cheese, chicken and waffles,poutine! These beautifully crafted full flavor courses surprised and delighted one after another. Pacing and size of each dish was spot on, leaving diners full but mostly capable of sampling each of the 10 courses without need for hospitalization from gastric overload.

It will be hard to top this meal, but for the charitably minded with deep pockets, there are still tickets available for Flanagan’s end of the year charity feast. The ticket price is steep but 100% of money raised goes to help feed hungry children. Tickets may be purchased here

Photos of a few of the many fine dishes sampled:

Lamb Lolipop


Corn Friter


Hot Dog


Crab salad


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