Fun to Fizz Dinner

In the spirit of wine appreciation and building community, Joe Appel and Rosemont Market and Bakery brought renowned wine expert Terry Theise to showcase small batch champagnes. Accompanying the fine bubbly were some very tasty small plates produced by Brad Messier. Considering that the Mayo Street Art center doesn’t have a kitchen the food was pretty darn good. Highlights for me were the black pork slider with slaw and perfect mushroom donuts with pork gravy. Happy, happy!

Even a wine novice like myself could tell that these wines were exceptional and the speaker was both entertaining and knew the most intimate details of the wine’s production. My favorite was the first champagne, the Aubry Brut Rose. It was so surprisingly dry it made me giggle. The experience really did help me develope a better appreciation for what makes champagne special. I look forward to attending future events.






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