Fantastic Game!

On a cold dark evening in South Portland’s industrial section, a social group of devoted carnivores gathered for a Pocket Feast. What resulted was a triumphant celebration of the Maine hunter as chef.

Stepping in out of the cold we were promptly presented with a hot cider toddy prepared by The Bearded Lady’s Jewell Box. Once settled into the fall forest themed space, we had the chance to sample 10 of Maine’s most edible creatures: moose, bear, venison,rabbit, quail, squab, pheasant, grouse, perch, boar. Overseeing this beautiful festival of meats were Executive Chefs Josh Potocki and Tom Duffly and their talented team of guest chefs: Nate Nadeau,Brant Dadaleares,Renee Landry and Jason Loring.
Highlights of the evening for me were: the wickedly delightful Hare pie, game bird ragu, BBQ hearts, and the pink peppercorn panacotta with autumn olive sorbet.




Paired with these diverse plates were a fine selection of local beers provided by Bigelow Brewing, Kennebec River Brewery, and Geaghan Brothers Brewing


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