Palace Diner Rules!

Continuing to indulge my winter cravings for the ultimate burger, I recently stopped in to the Palace Diner. This small 15 seat diner is already home to my favorite corned beef hash, so I went in with high hopes. Not only was I not disappointed, I was blown away by their double cheeseburger the Palace Royale! So simple, yet so delicious! Picture two patties coated with melted cheese, stacked a mile high on a sesame seed bun. Then topped with crisp shredded lettuce and pickles. Sounds like many other burgers you may have had, but it really stands alone as an expression of burger greatness. It just all comes together in a perfect way of slightly salty, amazingly beefy,crusty,cheesy perfection. If you love a good burger you owe it to yourself to try it this burger. As a side note, for those less gluttonous the burger is available as a single too. It’s no wonder Bon Appetit included this diner’s tuna melt as the best they ever had.


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