Pre-Show for the New East Ender

Last night My wife and I attended the combination 1st birthday party for my favorite restaurant Central Provisions/ guest chef night for the soon to reopen East Ender.
A large crowd of area foodies and kitchen luminaries turned out to support chef owners Karl Deuben and Bill Leavy, formerly of the out of this world Small Axe Truck. Most prominently, Chefs Rob Evans of Duckfat, Jason Loring of Slab and Sean Wilkinson of Might &Main all showed up to show support.

The dishes on the East Ender side of the showed great promise for their upcoming opening. I loved,loved, Loved the Pastrami cured salmon I had. It was some of the best salmon I have had in recent memory. Topped with mustard seed and accompanied by roasted root vegetables the dish was good enough that I briefly considered ordering a second.


Fans of the former Small Axe will be happy to know that a small plate version of their famous burger was on the menu. During our hour and and half dinner I saw dozens of these perfect little beauties head out of the open kitchen making it the clear favorite of the night. Also very popular and more daring were the chicken fried sweet breads. These were so good that the couple sitting next to us, did order a second order. This despite it being one of the larger dishes served. Happy,happy!

Highlights on the Central Provisions side of the menu were: a fantastic La Luisiane cocktail made with New England Distilling’s Gunpowder Rye, sweet vermouth, Benadictine and then Barell aged.


A wonderful carnitas apparently made with Crispy Suckling Pig! So gooood!

I also was blown away by the seared Maine scallops with peridots black truffles and cognac cream sauce. It was so good I unfortunately devoured it before thinking to take a photo.


Yummy in my tummy!
Overall a perfect night, I can’t wait for the New East Ender.

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