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Have you ever felt like you wanted to eat more fish, but just couldn’t face eating plain grilled or baked fish one more time? Or have you ever felt Like you should eat more salmon, but just don’t like how it comes out when you cook it at home? If so, thanks to The Saucy Fish Company, I have something you may like.

The Saucy Fish Co. is based out of the U.K. and have started offering their sustainably harvested fish at Hannafords,and they were nice enough to send me some samples to try. To start off with, I love that the fish is sustainably harvested and fresh. While it can be frozen and thawed, I shop frequently and prefer not to have to defrost my supper before cooking it. Most other “fish diners” that I have seen come from the frozen food aisle and are loaded with additives and preservatives, making Saucy fish a better option for me. I also like that it is kept next to the case next to the fish counter. Its a convenient spot that I visit regularly visit to pick up lox for my bagels and doesn’t require waiting to be served. At $7.99 for dinner for two, I also think it is a good value.

Saucy Fish at Hannaford

Saucy Fish at Hannaford

So how did it work out? Pretty simple, I preheated the oven to 375 for the salmon (it’s 350 for the tilapia) 20 minutes later I had two perfectly sized portions cooked just right and ready for sauce. In the same amount of time (convenient) I made basmati rice and steamed some haricot verts (fancy green beans). I also had a chance to say Saucy Fish about a hundred times, just because it is fun!

As an aside, I can’t remember the last time I made baked salmon at home, while I love it when I have it out, it never seems to come out right at home. I dont know if its the type of salmon used or the delicious chili lime ginger dressing, but the Saucy Fish salmon came out just right. Bottom line, if you are pressed for time, and looking for a sustainable fresh option for a quick fish dinner Saucy Fish is worth trying.
Saucy Salmon
Salmon Ready to cook
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