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Chef Ian Driscoll Popping up at Bao Bao

Get our your calenders, because Ian Driscoll best known as the extraordinary sous-chef from Central Provisions is popping up at Bao Bao on April 25th! Find out more about this Asian inspired event here: Okami: A pop-up of sorts.

I’m looking forward to seeing and tasting the yumminess that this talented chef has come up with!


Pocket Wedding

Do you love getting dressed up in your finest and dancing the night away? Have you ever thought that going to a wedding would be so much more fun, if you didn’t have to sit through a long ceremony,deal with unpleasant relatives, or buy an expensive gift? Then you’re sure to love Pocket Wedding!

The crew behind Pocket Brunch have prepared an evening to remember filled with some of the best food, drink, and music available. So put on your dancing shoes and purchase your tickets to this May 2nd event. If you aren’t lucky enough to get tickets, you can catch their follow up act at Flanagan’s Table for Mother’s Day Brunch. Get them while you can!


The ultimate Bean Suppah!

New Englanders know there is no better way to beat the winter blues, than by attending a baked bean supper. It’s a great way to catch up with friends while enjoying piles of savory dishes and too much pie!

This year Rosemont Market has teamed up with the King of Yum Jason Loring of Slab and Nosh to put on an over-the-top bean supper. The dinner will be held on January 25 and will feature corned beef, salads,pies, great beer, and more!

All of this will be accompanied by the foot stomping music of Jenny West and Friends. Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased here!


Boozy Christmas Gifts

Stop by New England Distilling for your Boozy Christmas needs. Prefer Beer? Allagash Brewing is right next door.