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A Preview of Tipo at Central Provisions

The following are photos from our fantastic New Year’s Eve dinner at Central Provisions. The evening’s menu was a preview of owners Chris and Paige Gould’s soon to open second restaurant Tipo, and the supremely talented Chef Mike Smith who will be overseeing its kitchen.

As I plan on visiting Tipo as soon  as humanly possible, I will mostly (but not completely)  let the photos from this brilliant dinner speak for themselves.

From the very first bites, it was clear that this pair of chefs really know how to meld contrasting textures and flavors in ways that build one upon the other, each bite a magical mélange: rapini with Spanish mackerel, mushroom ragu with chicory, dry-aged sirloin with charred traviso.  So synergistically yummy!!

Then there was the pasta. While I generally don’t consider myself a pasta person, the ones pictured below had such wonderful substance, flavor, scents, that I not only found myself devouring them, but I very well may dream of them (at least until Tipo opens). Such simple dishes perfectly executed: corzetti with squash and sausage and tagliatelle with white truffles! So deeply satisfying, especially on on cold winter night!

Stay tuned…

Caviar,Prosecco Mignonette

Marinated Spanish Mackerel Braised Rapini,lemon Vinaigrette, Calabrian Chili

Chef Mike Smith hard at work

Mushroom Ragu fried Polenta, Black Truffle, Cured Egg Yolk, Chicory

Corzetti Al Moto
Roasted Squash,Ricotta Salata,Spicy Pork Sausage

White Truffle Tagliatelle Fresh Alba White Truffles,Brodo, Parmigiana Reggiano

Dry Aged Beef Sirloin
Gorgonzola Marrow Butter,Carmelized Onion Jam,Charred Treviso

Warm Fried Zeppoli With Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Shortbread and Ricotta Cream!

Breakfast Is Back!

I love going out to brunch with all its many offerings, but lately I’ve been craving simpler, more of what has traditionally been considered  breakfast-type foods: eggs, omelettes,hearty toast, pancakes, and the like. While there are countless restaurants that serve these foods, I have been to two recently that cook them exceptionaly well.

The first is the Palace Diner.  Oh so satisfying, with its out of this world versions of traditional diner food. French Toast, Corned Beef Hash, even the humble Breakfast Sandwich. The Palace Diner elevates them all. Not fancy just good food prepared exceptionally well, served in a historic dining car built in 1927.

Pictured below is the always delicious Corned Beef Hash. Served with Two Eggs, Marble Rye Toast, and a Pickle, it really hits the spot!

Great hash @palacediner #maine #breakfastnotbrunch #diner

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Now under the ownership of husband and wife Chefs Damian Samsonetti and Ilma Lopez, owners of  Piccolo and The Blue Rooster,  Caiolas offers a variety of breakfast dishes all cooked to the next level. We started with the out of this world Warm Lost Bread served with Maple Syrup, which can be best described as the perfect marriage between French Toast and Bread Pudding. From the first bite to the last, it was an exquisite eggy/sweet/yummy delight! Also impressive was the savory/crunchy and filling Bird’s Nest with its perfectly cooked eggs (over easy), nestled in Pullman Toast and Sausage Gravy. Yumalicious!

A montage celebrating The Birds Nest @caiolasmaine #portlandmaine #breakfast #sausagegravy #foodporn

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Lost Bread @caiolasmaine #amazing #breadpudding #breakfast #portlandmaine

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The Bitter Frenchman

Born and raised in France, enjoy a preview of  Fred Eliot’s (currently at Rhum) delightfully French next project! Get your tickets now for this upcoming feast! The Bitter Frenchman

Bone marrow toast, served at Rhum

Bone marrow toast, served at Rhum

Honey Paw: Introducing Congee to Portland

While Congee, a delicious, rice-based porridge may be very popular across Asia, there is only one place that I know of in Portland serving this colorful and immensely satisfying dish. Do yourself a favor and head over now to The Honey Paw to try their latest version of this delicious treat!