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A Preview of Tipo at Central Provisions

The following are photos from our fantastic New Year’s Eve dinner at Central Provisions. The evening’s menu was a preview of owners Chris and Paige Gould’s soon to open second restaurant Tipo, and the supremely talented Chef Mike Smith who will be overseeing its kitchen.

As I plan on visiting Tipo as soon  as humanly possible, I will mostly (but not completely)  let the photos from this brilliant dinner speak for themselves.

From the very first bites, it was clear that this pair of chefs really know how to meld contrasting textures and flavors in ways that build one upon the other, each bite a magical mélange: rapini with Spanish mackerel, mushroom ragu with chicory, dry-aged sirloin with charred traviso.  So synergistically yummy!!

Then there was the pasta. While I generally don’t consider myself a pasta person, the ones pictured below had such wonderful substance, flavor, scents, that I not only found myself devouring them, but I very well may dream of them (at least until Tipo opens). Such simple dishes perfectly executed: corzetti with squash and sausage and tagliatelle with white truffles! So deeply satisfying, especially on on cold winter night!

Stay tuned…

Caviar,Prosecco Mignonette

Marinated Spanish Mackerel Braised Rapini,lemon Vinaigrette, Calabrian Chili

Chef Mike Smith hard at work

Mushroom Ragu fried Polenta, Black Truffle, Cured Egg Yolk, Chicory

Corzetti Al Moto
Roasted Squash,Ricotta Salata,Spicy Pork Sausage

White Truffle Tagliatelle Fresh Alba White Truffles,Brodo, Parmigiana Reggiano

Dry Aged Beef Sirloin
Gorgonzola Marrow Butter,Carmelized Onion Jam,Charred Treviso

Warm Fried Zeppoli With Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Shortbread and Ricotta Cream!

Chef Leslie Oster: Aurora Provisions

The Kennebunkport Festival celebrates the best food, art, and design that Maine has to offer. For those who have never been, the festival is composed of many events, large and small, several of which are hosted in the beautiful homes of Kennebunk’s residents.

This brings us to Chef Leslie Oster of Aurora Provisions, who teamed up with Maine Street Desgn Co., and Devenish Wines to put together a beautifully themed African dinner for this year’s festival. Beyond enjoying good food and company, these annual dinners raise funds for Full Plates Full Potential a charity dedicated to ending childhood hunger in Maine. Each of these events also celebrated a Maine artist, in this case Brad Maushart of F8 gallery at which the dinner was held. The gathering was photographed by the good folks of Maine Magazine. They took much better photos of the event than I ever could and you can find them here Faces Maine. As a teaser to their superior images, I have included some of my better photos and a copy of the menu here:



Goat Sambusa

Goat Sambusa

Watercress with Bock choy, Peas and Peanut Sauce.

Watercress with Bock choy, leas and peanut sauce.

African Donuts with Fig Ice-Cream & Cardamom syrup. Served with African Chai Tea

African Donuts with Fig Ice-Cream & Cardamom syrup. Served with African Chai Tea

Outstanding in the Field: Central Provisions Edition!

Outstanding in the Field is a California based organization that brings together outstanding chefs and stellar farms to create open air feasts. Since 1999 they have held over six hundred dinners as a means of broadening the discussion of food, community, and place. This year the guest chef for the dinner being held in Maine, will be the James Beard nominated best new chef chef Chris Gould of Central Provisions. This August 23rd dinner will be held at North Star Sheep Farm and is sure to sell out. Tickets are on sale now for the dinner being held in Maine and dozens of other events being held across the country (Plus Ireland).

Flanagan’s Table: Central Provisions Edition

My two favorites, Flanagan’s Table and Central Provisions teamed up to provide a fantastic friendly feast!
Welcoming everyone were gracious hosts Arlin Smith of Hugo’s and Maddy Landry, middle daughter of barn owner and philanthropist Gail Landry. Helping Chef Gould were his lovely wife Paige, a great chef in her own right and up and coming chef Cyle Reynolds owner of Carbon Catering and sous chef at Nosh

The evening began with a glass of prosecco, wine or wheat beer from Gneiss Brewing. Drinks were accompanied by lovingly created passed canapés: fluke cerviche,spicy shrimp cocktail, and super yummy crab bites. The welcome reception was then followed up by five brilliant courses. Highlights for me were a spicy raw squid salad and a super tender/flavorful/happy lamb porchetta.

A special thanks to fellow diner Matt Giggey, who helped by gathering the table’s candles to aid my limited photography skills. For those looking for another look at this event, the dinner will be featured in December on Bill Green’s Maine.

Squid Salad

Hearts of Palm

Lamb Porchetta

Foie Gras