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Aug 2nd Wine Wise Sail!

Wine Wise Events is taking another tour of Casco Bay on the Frances!
Having taken this excursion recently I can say it is amongst the best ways to spend the cocktail/wine hour.


The Frances Part Deux

I hesitate to tell you about our second trip on the Frances,because chances are you can’t go. You see Pocket Cruise only sells 40 tickets to their two hour cruise aboard the The Frances and it’s hosted by the coolest kids in town. Doubt me? How about booze filled coconuts made by the Bearded Lady and his mistress. Not good enough? Add in fabulious carribean inspired foods served in easy to eat forms. Top it all off with a beautiful crowd and Portland’s Casco Bay and you can’t miss!
Sign up for their mailing list and you may get a chance to buy one of these $100 tickets. If not you can always hire the caterers behind this happening. 20140716-081748-29868965.jpg