The Joy of Slab!

Happy carb overload Batman! This Portland eatery’s menu is filled with variations of all things bread and cheese! Take a look at their signature dish the hand Slab, a giant hunk of thick crust lightly covered with sauce and cheese. These monster “slices” weigh in at over a pound, yet can best be described as pillowy and so, so yummy!

Feeling like something different try the hummus. Served with still warm bread, I believe Slab’s version of this Middle Eastern dish is easily the best in town. They also have fantastic specials. On my latest visit, I had an amazing sandwich of pork, roasted peppers and onions, and gobs of wonderful cheese! Whatever you do make sure to save room for desert as you will see from the attached photo this place has mastered the dark art of sweet/creamy happiness known as dessert. It also happens to be the best value in town! Stop in and try it you won’t be disappointed.



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